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  • The #1 Reason Effective Local Community Change Is NOT Your Fault November 30, 2019
    In This Episode 1-Knowing What You Want Locally 2-Reason why you don't participate fully in your local community 3-Roles of people in your community 4- This is the reason is not your fault 5-the 1 thing you can do TODAY! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/empoweredcontribution/message
  • "Them Is We"-The message that changed everything November 23, 2019
    In this episode I talk about  1-the one message that I’d like to get across after owning NEIRS TAVERN the past 10 years  2-Why Neirs Tavern 190th birthday street celebration almost got cancelled.  3-The three pillars of The Empowered Contribution Message you can use to make an impact for yourself and community Link To speech […]