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Loycent emigrated from the Island of Jamaica at a young age, and in his
new home in Queens, NY he found his new community to be welcoming
and invested in his success.

In 2009, wanting to give back he jumped in to save one of the oldest and most historic local businesses in America, Neirs Tavern, when it was 3 days from closing with no previous
restaurant experience.

Loycent helped rally the local community for this worthy cause. Thanks
to this miraculous effort with the local community help and 10 years of ownership,

Historic Neirs Tavern has reached its 190th year.

After combining over a decade of community building and small business

experience, Loycent is creating The Empowered Contribution Academy.

The Empowered Contribution Academy brings together small business owners & civic leaders to share with each other and provide educate on how to create and launch successful community building projects together that help our local businesses succeed and civic organizations and its members thrive so that we can each build a thriving community in our area.



“Building Hope for Stronger Community because

A United Community Can Conquer All”

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